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OP's ship - kiddxLaw by Apollus02 OP's ship - kiddxLaw :iconapollus02:Apollus02 1 0
I hate you (chap 6) kiddxreader

I immediately joined killer after his call, he was running away from a lot of marines for the streets of the city. He told me ''We were returning back to the ship from the wood when four marines noticed and recognized us; so they started to chase us and to call their copanions. And guess what? We're at this point'' ''Damn it.. we have to leave suddendly now for this assholes'' ''I know I know but, kidd, what are you going to do with that girl?'' ''I think we can bring her with us'' ''did you hate her now didn't you?'' I felt my face burn ''S-Sure but I don't want to let her go now that I've found my objective.. plus remember the plan killer! We can't ..'' ''all right.. do what do you want kidd you're the captain .. however, RUUUN!!!'' When I saw the docked ship I let a sigh of relief, luckily (y/n) was already there and she went onto the deck to meet us. We jumped on the deck and leave suddendly the island victoriuosly.
In the next days I s
:iconapollus02:Apollus02 11 5
I hate you (ch.5) Kiddxreader

note for the reader :) I'm suuuper sorry for being this late and for the short chap, but ,trust me, I've had a very full week and in the weekend my internet connection was off ..why? I don't really know how-.-..however good reading :squee:    ps: :lmao: I'll put the next kidd pov that is longer soon in the next chap.
I woke up and looked out of the window. It was night ... I had fallen asleep during the day ... so I decided to get up and went into the kitchen to eat something and I noticed that strangely the ship was deserted so I moved smoothly through the corridors. I came into the kitchen and opened the cupboard pulling out a whole ham and a bun with jam and I devoured it in a split second, I hadn't eaten for a whole day after all. After the hearty meal I got up and went to check whether the ship if there was someone ... but I soon realized that I was right, there was no one there so I decided to call kidd with the denden-mushi and
:iconapollus02:Apollus02 11 3
Sasuke and Naruto by Apollus02 Sasuke and Naruto :iconapollus02:Apollus02 3 0
I hate you (chap.4) kiddxreader

Note for the reader:) I know that the story is a bit confusing but then explain all the reasons for the behavior of kidd and his state of mind in the next chapter (I think) :squee:
I had just woken up, and looking around suspiciously, I turned myself back into a human, although it felt like two eyes that stared at me every minute, but I didn't give them a lot of weight since it was just a feeling. At one point I saw with amazement exit the vegetation a familiar figure, tall and with the characteristic fiery red hair. His expression was peaceful and serious, like he knew already what to say and what to do, and, while coming towards me he was smiling, but in a way a to say... fake '' I thought, but in my naivety, I didn't give him no importance, observing only that person for which I was afraid to try something. When he got close to me he looked me in the eyes and said with a deep voice '' What are you doing here? I came to take a
:iconapollus02:Apollus02 13 6
I hate you kiddxreader (chap.3)

Note for the reader:) I decided to put in this chapter a longer 'kidd pov' 'cause I think that the part would come better. Good reading! :squee:
I had just managed to find a small boat for me at a bargain price, in fact it had a slashed sail and was slightly marred by the saltiness of the sea , but with a bit of elbow grease would have certainly managed to put it back up within a few days. At that point I heard a loud gurgle from my belly in fact was already coming night and decided to finding a place to eat and to sleep. So I went deep in the dark town trying to avoid darkness hopping from one patch of light to the other. I was then faced with a sign that said '' dinner and bed'' so I entered: the setting was warm and had welcoming interiors and wood floor lit by a dim light of candles.I walked down the hall and arrived to the counter where I asked a room to the waitress but she told me she was sorry and that at this time there were no more rooms a
:iconapollus02:Apollus02 11 11
I hate you (ch.2) kiddxreader

note for the reader:) the part one was a victime of a mine stupid mistake and now it's a bit spoiled :squee:
I looked before the fruit and then the two marines who stared at me with a look of ravenous and giving them back a look of defiance I said out loud '' sorry but you've just missed the beautiful meal. '' Immediately after observing their shocked faces, I snapped the fruit and I gulped it without second thoughts even though it tasted horrible. At that point I felt a shiver go through my whole body and a new energy pervades me, sure of myself than ever I tried successfully to change my human form to a gryphon, imposing and regal: my feathers were white, my eyes a lovely amber colour and I was high about 2 meters. In a second I freed my new wings from my back and I bent myself hovering in the air with a terrifying scream and watching the two poor souls with pride, their expressions were literally shocked. I grabbed my backpack with claws and I st
:iconapollus02:Apollus02 11 3
I hate you [ch.1] kiddxreader
note for the reader:) I want to say sorry to sweetamanda98 because I've stolen her idea of the devil's fruit that is mentioned in this story but I love his power and I haven't had no choice and I put it in my kiddxreader :squee:
It was a dark night and the rain continued to fall as if he didn't care about me. I was desperate and I didn't know where to go, I saw no way out in front of me and no light, only darkness and my past which tormented me. I had just left home because my parents forced me to a life that I never wanted to live, an arranged marriage with the son of the Mayor, a nuisance guy and a moron who didn't think anything but how to match his shoes and socks to knit all day. So, after a long and stressful discussion with my family, I realized I couldn't stay in that place and I left the same night determined to never come back.
At one point I fell to the ground after hitting against a massive figure with two red eyes as the sunset and tousled red hair that were like to a flam
:iconapollus02:Apollus02 14 3
Scan0016 by Apollus02 Scan0016 :iconapollus02:Apollus02 1 0 Eustass kidd black and white by Apollus02 Eustass kidd black and white :iconapollus02:Apollus02 1 0 Eustass Kidd full 2 by Apollus02 Eustass Kidd full 2 :iconapollus02:Apollus02 0 0 Eustass Kidd full 1 by Apollus02 Eustass Kidd full 1 :iconapollus02:Apollus02 0 0 Eustass Kidd 1 by Apollus02 Eustass Kidd 1 :iconapollus02:Apollus02 1 0 Crismon Rose character Application by Apollus02 Crismon Rose character Application :iconapollus02:Apollus02 0 0 Sasuke by Apollus02 Sasuke :iconapollus02:Apollus02 1 0 Bartolomeo's drawing by Apollus02 Bartolomeo's drawing :iconapollus02:Apollus02 1 1


Forgotten Divinity by AnatoFinnstark Forgotten Divinity :iconanatofinnstark:AnatoFinnstark 207 9
Kid x reader: Blind date [drabble]
Heya~! I have some warning for up ahead. There will be some swearing in this story because this is a Kid story and a Kid without cussing (whether it being him or Reader-chan) just.. Isn't Kid, right? Please enjoy~
Never had you thought something like this would happen. Like ever. Not since you met this very person that was making your blood boil since day one, which happen to be today right after midnight. With you having too much alcohol and fighting for your rights of existence with this very man. Never had you known this man was a friend Killer had met after leaving for university, you going after him last week.  And now.. THIS SHIT!
(e/c) orbs looked up at the red haired male standing in front of you. He wore a smirk as his eyes trailed up and down your body. A SMIRK! Just how could this even happen? The reason stood behind him as he wanted to keep low, knowing full well how capable you are in fighting. Oh how much you wanted to hit him square in his beautiful face, only the d
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 55 18
Wild pt4~ Eustass Kid x Reader

       You chewed on the metal arm utterly bored. "___...." Kid frowns catching you again. "Why do you on everything?" 
       "Keep them sharp..." You answer, tongue feeling over your fangs. 
       "Here ___, I brought you some milk." Killer rumbles giving you a glass with a straw. You sit up, drinking it up swiftly with a happy hum.
       "Killer see if we have any bones for her to chew on she makes me uneasy when she chews on metal- don't chew on the glasses either!" Kid gasps carefully taking the glass out of your mouth. "That's so much worse." 
       "I'll go look, I'm sure there's something." Killer pats your head. Kid coughs again and you both pause. You sniff at him, getting close. 
       "What?" He huffs leaning away. 
       "You're sick. Go die." You frown. He gaps at you
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 121 23
365daysofsketches - 2nd year - 281 by RobertoGatto 365daysofsketches - 2nd year - 281 :iconrobertogatto:RobertoGatto 234 17 [Natsumeweek] Favourite side character by NawaneN [Natsumeweek] Favourite side character :iconnawanen:NawaneN 235 13
Wild pt3~ Eustass Kid x Reader
       Kid and Killer look at each other before looking at you. Your pupils were huge as you watched something beneath the waves, muscles rippling slightly. "Uh... ___? What are-" You suddenly dive into the water. "___!" He calls in shock. 
      "I thought she was a devil fruit user." Killer rushes to the railing looking into the waves.
      "She's swimming sir." Heat tells them from the crows nest. There's a large splash next to the ship and you reappear with the thin neck of a sea king in your mouth as you hall the large beast over the railing the crew gaps at you. You drop the neck in front of Kid and grin up at him victoriously.
       "Do you love it?" You ask.
       "Love it?" He echoes confused. You blink and deflate looking at the sea king with a frown. 
       "I got it for you..." You tell him. Kid pauses blushing
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 136 25
Say I love you chibi by Bletisan Say I love you chibi :iconbletisan:Bletisan 340 63 Sukitte ii na yo by heartoflight23 Sukitte ii na yo :iconheartoflight23:heartoflight23 20 0 Dark - Anti COMIC by icarus-descends Dark - Anti COMIC :iconicarus-descends:icarus-descends 216 31
Kidd Games| Reader X Kidd
Eustass Kidd was wandering around the open-air market of a town with Killer. You had been trailing behind your captain for some time now and you were surprised that he hadn’t noticed you yet. You had joined Kidd and his crew a few months ago and since you joined you found your only amusement, other than combat, was messing with your captain. Despite the constant warning from Killer, whom had become a very dear friend to you.
You finally close the distance between you and Kidd. You wrap your arms around his neck,
“Guess who Kidd?”
Kidd growled, “(Name).”
Your hands reach up and slip his goggles of his head. Before Kidd can say anything you plant a kiss on his cheek. As his face grows red you take off and stand a safe distance away from your captain. Kidd sees what you’re wearing and his jaw drops, Killer faceplams and shakes his head. You had chosen your outfit carefully for this particular moment.
You had a jacket custom made at a local tailor that l
:iconpsychocircus774:PsychoCircus774 65 1
Hot Head| Reader X Kidd
              After three grueling weeks at sea you were 1000% done. Kidd had kicked you out of his workshop, saying you were distracting him and Killer from working. No one else on the crew dare mess with you in current state. Which is boiling mad near explosion. But relief comes your way.
              “Marine ship off the port bow!” Wire calls from the crow’s nest.
              Kidd and Killer come up from the workshop just as you untie your chain whips from your belt. Standing on the railing you grin mischievously at your captain and his first mate.
              “I got this one captain.”
              Killer shakes his head and Kid
:iconpsychocircus774:PsychoCircus774 132 17
Rediplier + SPEEDPAINT by Konoira Rediplier + SPEEDPAINT :iconkonoira:Konoira 2,190 105 toon marks by Umbrony toon marks :iconumbrony:Umbrony 636 34 SEPTIPLIER ANIMATION by cartoonjunkie SEPTIPLIER ANIMATION :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 6,425 4,051 YT: Twister by Kiwa007 YT: Twister :iconkiwa007:Kiwa007 2,783 97
Stubborn| Reader X Kidd
              “YOU BROKE MY SHIP AGAIN!” Kidd roared.
              “BE HAPPY I DIDN’T SINK IT!” you shouted.
              After a nasty run-in with the marines there was a you-sized hole in the hull of Kidd’s ship. This wasn’t the first time you’d damaged the ship after a battle and it would most certainly not be the last. But that doesn’t mean Kidd wouldn’t get mad at you and start screaming.
              You and Kidd were standing nose to nose on the docks while Killer, Heat and Wire are repairing the ship. Your fellow crew members have grown use to the more frequent argument between you and the captain. It was almost always about something stupid, and Kidd always st
:iconpsychocircus774:PsychoCircus774 113 9



The original status has been deleted
Hi guys :) I'm going to submit a new deviation tomorrow and maybe also the chap.2 of my fanfiction (if I can cut out a little piece of time from my busy day I think I've fainted. )


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Artist | Student | Varied
My loves are One Piece Dragon Ball Z and Naruto but if you know this anime, I fell in love with Pandora Hearts XD .. I also love drawing, writing and dancing :squee:


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